The word cereal is derived from ceres, the Roman Goddess of grain. The common cereal crops are rice, wheat, corn, oats and rye. The term cereal is not limited to these but also flours, meals, breads and alimentary pastes or pasta. Cereal science is a study concerned with all technical aspects of cereal. It is the study the nature of the cereals and the changes that occurs naturally and as a result of handling and processing.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Flat bread of chapati

Chapati is unleavened flat bread from India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Pieces are torn off and used to pick up the meat or vegetables that make the meal.

Chapatis are some of the easiest and tastiest breads to bake on a grill. It is a source of macro- as well as micronutrients. The preparation and formulation of flat bread varies with country and community. Because they have no yeast, there is no need to rest and raise the dough for hours before baking.

These chapati contain chickpeas flour, which gives them a rich and slightly sweet flavor. The thickness of the chapati has a lot to do with its flavor: the thinner each one is, the more nut-like and crackery it tastes. Chapatis are best rolled and cooked just before serving.

The original chapati was made into dough form whole wheat flour, and then buried under coals in a baking hole dug into the earth. Over the centuries a multitude of cooking variations developed.
Flat bread of chapati

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