The word cereal is derived from ceres, the Roman Goddess of grain. The common cereal crops are rice, wheat, corn, oats and rye. The term cereal is not limited to these but also flours, meals, breads and alimentary pastes or pasta. Cereal science is a study concerned with all technical aspects of cereal. It is the study the nature of the cereals and the changes that occurs naturally and as a result of handling and processing.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Instant oatmeal

There are a variety of oats in the cereal section of grocery stores – steel cut, old fashioned (rolled), quick-cooking and instant.

A wonderful breakfast choices is oatmeal which us a very nutritious breakfast food. It is not only filling, but it tastes great and is now available in instant form which makes it easier to prepare.

Oatmeal is not only high in fiber and low in fat and cholesterol, but because it contains both soluble and insoluble carbohydrates, is slow to digest and therefore keeps one from feeling hungry too quickly. Oatmeal is also a great source of vitamin E, zinc, selenium, copper, iron, manganese and magnesium.

Instant oatmeal has been pre-cooked and is ready almost as soon as add hot water. Many brands of instant oatmeal contain excess sugar that people don’t need.

Parents may prefer the instant oatmeal because it is faster to prepare, popular with the kids, and there are several flavors to choose from.
Instant oatmeal

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