The word cereal is derived from ceres, the Roman Goddess of grain. The common cereal crops are rice, wheat, corn, oats and rye. The term cereal is not limited to these but also flours, meals, breads and alimentary pastes or pasta. Cereal science is a study concerned with all technical aspects of cereal. It is the study the nature of the cereals and the changes that occurs naturally and as a result of handling and processing.

Sunday, October 01, 2017

What is the most suitable flour for making noodles?

Classification of wheat flour is based on grain properties such as softness/hardness, winter, spring growth habit, red/white bran and protein content.

Starch and protein, two major components of wheat flour, largely determine the processing and product quality of many wheat-based foods, not only because of their proportions in wheat four, but also due to their wide variations in functional properties.

Middle-wheat flour is best suited for noodles, hard and semi hard wheat flours are best for bread and soft-wheat flour is used when making a cake.

In Asian noodles, physicochemical and characteristics of starch and protein may play a much bigger role in processing and product quality than in any baked products including bread, cookies, cakes and pastries.

Wheat flour with ~ 10% protein content is considered suitable for white salted noodle-making. A positive relationship has been reported between protein content and textural properties of noodles.

Water absorption for making noodles, dough mixing, and sheeting, frying and cooking, as well as texture of cooked noodles are all largely governed by the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of starch and protein.

Flour from medium-hard wheat genotypes with low ash content, high flour whiteness, medium protein content, medium to strong gluten type and good starch viscosity is considered suitable for making Chinese noodles.
What is the most suitable flour for making noodles?

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